Brexit Considerations

7 February 2019

As you will be aware, the UK is due to leave the European Union in March this year.  As with most industries, uncertainty surrounding the Brexit negotiations is creating some unrest amongst our supply chain. We are doing our up most to mitigate potential problems with availability and rising costs of raw materials and we will continue these efforts in order to reduce the impact to ourselves and our customers post-Brexit.

Unlike some companies, we do not out source our manufacturing efforts outside of the UK, instead we own our own manufacturing facility in the North West of England. We have recently moved in to a new larger premises that will better enhance our services and manufacturing efforts. We personally take care of the manufacturing process of our products and ensure that only the highest quality materials and techniques are used.

Place Orders Early

Unfortunately at this time we are only able to guarantee current prices on orders placed prior to the middle of March.  This includes any orders placed which customers may not require delivery of until later in the summer months; so long as the order is placed and raw material stocked at current prices we can guarantee the current cost. Placing your orders early means that we able to buy stock at the current price and store the material until needed.

During our many years in the industry we are lucky to have built up a strong rapport with suppliers. Our suppliers have assured us that they will continue to work with us to provide  the best possible prices for raw materials whilst maintaining quality.

Though it is our wish to maintain prices beyond Brexit, the potential period of uncertainty is naturally beyond our control and reluctantly, it may be the case that we have no choice but to raise prices from the end of March onwards.

If you require a quotation for furniture which you may require soon or indeed later in the year, or would like to discuss options with our team please do not hesitate to contact us.



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