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Fitted furniture in bedroom

College Du Leman is one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Switzerland. It houses boys and girls between 2 and 18 years old and provides them with a homely atmosphere. Our team were excited to design and manufacture the dormitory furniture for the schools newly built Villa Du Lac.

Villa Du Lac lies in the heart of the stunning, green village campus and houses sixth form students. The building has been creatively designed to feel like a home away from home. Generally two students would share a dormitory and this meant space was limited. Our design team knew that with the limitations, storage space needed to be maximised in this environment.

The school opted for our Premiere Range of dormitory furniture with some bespoke features. This range came as standard in ash hardwood with clear laquer. Our Ackworth and Heath Mount beds were used as they offered internal storage in the form of drawers and cupboards. They are also known for being durable and capable of withstanding everyday wear and tear that may happen in this kind of environment.

Redesigned Wardrobe with Desk

Fitted Furniture with desk

With our bespoke service, the design team were able to adapt the original style of dormitory furniture to fit with the needs of Villa Du Lac. Especially as it was specified that each student needed to have their own desk and a comfortable place to study.

Wardrobes were especially designed with one side dedicated to the storage of clothing and accessories. The three drawers at the bottom of the wardrobe gave students further storage for clothing that they would prefer to be folded rather than hung, and the top boxes gave them somewhere to put all of their personal belongings.

The other side housed a desk, which was fitted to the wall and floor. Shelving compartments were added for the students to store all of their stationary.

Wine coloured upholstered chairs were tucked in to ensure maximum comfort for students while they study. And, pin boards with ash hardwood frames were fitted just above the desks to give the students somewhere to pin their memos.

In rooms that had slightly more wall and floor space, our Downe House Desk was used. Pin boards and shelving were fitted to the desks and the wall to ensure all students had somewhere to pin their memos and store their stationary.

Fitted Furniture

Bespoke Fitted Furniture

As part of our bespoke fitted furniture service, we designed and manufactured built-in wardrobes with sliding doors. The wardrobes were fitted into the walls and provided ample storage space, with a hanging rail, internal shelving and pigeon holes. The recessed handles gave an easy glide and quick access.

A seating chest with storage was also designed as part of our bespoke service. The two drawer chest was finished off with the same wine coloured upholstery, it gives the room a sense of character whilst also providing extra seating and storage.

If you have a dormitory project coming up or would like to discuss our bespoke design service – contact our team today.

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