Papplewick – Dormitory Furniture

The Papplewick School project came to completion in Summer 2019. The project consisted of 41 items of bedroom furniture in total to complete the refurbishment of the schools dormitory buildings.

We have predominantly supplied the school with our Standard Premier Range Dormitory Furniture in the past, manufactured from ash hardwood and veneer, with a clear gloss finish. In recent years we have seen an increase in the requirement for variations to the Premier Range, which was certainly apparent in this project. Papplewick wanted to create a boarding environment that was bright and welcoming, the school opted to have the furniture painted in bold primary colours; blue, red and green.

The Premier Range is extremely versatile, as we manufacture all dormitory furniture ourselves it enables us to meet the clients specifications exactly, that includes our colour matching service. The school picked 3 of their preferred colours and we were able to colour match precisely.

Each room consisted of at least one furniture item in one of the three colours. Clark Cronin, our Design Consultant commented that although the rooms needed to contain a range of colours, it was important to maintain some consistency by ensuring that each bed had a matching bedside in the same colour.

The bedrooms now portray a strong sense of individuality, and provide a space for students that is both comfortable and engaging.

The Final Project



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