St Mary’s Cambridge – Dormitory Furniture

Bespoke Dormitory Furniture

This fun and vibrant premier range of bespoke dormitory furniture was designed, manufactured and installed by our amazing team here at ETB Furniture. Our designers worked closely with a Boarding School client to create dormitory furniture that would feel homely yet creative.

With over 130 sets going through the manufacturing process, this was a massive project that allowed our design team’s imagination to run wild. All of the furniture featured laminate inset panels which were heat, water and scratch resistant – perfect for the younger boarder who is prone to a few accidents. These laminate worktops also diminish the risk of dormitory furniture being damaged by spilling liquid or heated products.

As this range was bespoke dormitory furniture, it was paramount that storage space was maximized. A variation of the Downe House Bed embodied two drawers and a sliding panel, this offered further room for the children to store their personal belongings. This bed in particular is part of our bespoke furniture range and therefore, can come with a blank panel or pull up bed base.

Further to this, our team designed and manufactured tall-standing wardrobes with a top box and bedside tables in the same design.

Pink Kingswood Unit

In smaller dormitories, The Kingswood Unit was more appropriate. This L-shaped unit provided two beds, a storage drawer and two wardrobes. Therefore, further dormitory furniture was not needed.

The laminate was also customisable, so we were able to manufacture a variety of different colours: Including blue, green, purple, orange, pink and red.

ETB Furniture is able to personalise and customise fitted furniture to specific wants and needs. Our design team are happy to talk to you about any ideas, and can even arrange a site visit if necessary.

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