Dormitory Interior Design Trends of 2020

6 May 2020

Dormitory Furniture

A dormitory should feel like an extension of home. If they feel cosy and homely, children are less likely to feel homesick. So, it is important that dormitory furniture reflects the type of interior design they may have in their own bedrooms. While also it is important to remember that students use their dormitories for two things, to relax and to study. Creating a space that effectively incorporates both can be difficult as a space can wind up feeling institutionalised. Dormitories should be warm and inviting while also being practical. So, if you’re looking for some dormitory inspiration for your upcoming project, look no further, because here is our list of dormitory interior design trends of 2020.

Bold Colours Bold Colours

Over the last couple of years we have seen a sharp rise in bold coloured interior design – especially within dormitories. This type of decor fits in with current trends that may be implemented back in the children’s homes and it is important that schools represent that in some way.

Cobalt blue, forest green and ochre yellow are key colours this season. Not only do they look modern and stylish, but these colours have positive connotations that will inspire students. Green represents the earth and it symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. Blue represents the sky and sea, and it symbolizes trust, loyalty and and confidence. Yellow also has positive connotations of freshness, happiness and optimism.

Bold, coloured furniture is specifically on the rise. Having a unique, standout furniture set can be striking and contemporary and in any dormitory environment.

Here at ETB Furniture, we are able to colour match any RAL number. So, if you are a lover of the bold colours that are currently trending – we are just one click away!

Contrasting Accessories Contrasting accessories

If you opt for bold coloured furniture, pair this with contrasting accessories. So, if your furniture is cobalt blue, add in some yellow or green soft furnishings for a modern and contemporary look.

It is important that you add soft furnishing into dormitories as these are small but significant things to the children. They are what makes a dormitory feel more homely. Choose some comfortable, colourful cushions that go with the theme of the dormitory and a nice, fluffy throw that the children can wrap themselves up in at night.

Plants are also on trend right now – so why not add them into your dormitory environments? Plants generally make us feel happier and healthier as they represent life and growth. But, it may be an idea for you to choose artificial plants as children may forget to water them regularly – faux succulents are a good idea as they look pretty, of course, but they also represent enduring and timeless love.

A comfortable Reading NookFitted storage bench

Reading nooks are becoming more and more popular in dormitories. Children should be encouraged to read and when they are in a dormitory with other people, having a calming space dedicated to reading and relaxing can be just what they need.

In dormitories where space is somewhat limited, reading nooks can be built into a window sill. A fitted bench that doubles up as storage is a great idea that is quickly emerging as one of the top dormitory trends of 2020. A bench will not only give the students a bit of extra storage but it will also give them somewhere to retreat to, somewhere to unwind as they watch the world go by.

If you have a dormitory project coming up and would like more information about the rising dormitory trends of 2020, or any of our products, get in touch with our team – they are always happy to help!

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