Boosting Student Welfare in the Autumn Term

2 September 2019

Student Welfare in a Boarding Environment

Student welfare in schools is just as important as education; It can be a stressful time for students when moving back into dorms, especially for those students who are new to boarding. We have worked with many schools over our 50 years in the school furniture industry; we understand that schools work hard to make the transition into boarding environments as easy as possible.

Tips for Boosting Student Welfare

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that students feel comfortable, safe and at ease when they head into the new school term as a boarding student.

Ensure Students are Getting a Comfortable Night’s Sleep

Sleep is imperative to a student’s success and concentration levels during a long day. It is essential to educate students on the importance of sleep and how it can affect them, especially around exam time. Some schools have an hour wind down at the end of the day, such as reading a book or doing puzzles. It is important to create a relaxing atmosphere, many schools think carefully about the colour scheme of dorms and provide low lighting such as bedside lamps or small reading lamps.

In 2015 the guardian interviewed a previous house mistress on her experience of student welfare and tips that can benefit a student’s experience during school. She mentioned that in the where she previously worked, students were given chamomile tea and lavender pillow sprays to help them drift off when it was time for lights out. She believes this helped tremendously at bedtime to help the students relax.

When thinking about a student’s sleeping environment it’s important to think about dormitory bedroom furniture. A comfortable bed and mattress can go a long way in ensuring students feel at home in their boarding environment. Here at ETB furniture we provide a range of beds specifically made for boarding environments. Not only are our student beds built to last 15-20 years in constant use, they also provide great support for placement of a suitable mattress.

Mattresses for students are best being of contract grade and should be rotated often to ensure they do not sag. All of the beds that we provide for boarding environments are provided with solid bed bases and have ventilation holes rather than slats. We find that solid bed bases are much more durable and are less likely to break when in constant use.

Good Communication with Home

It is inevitable that students, especially new students, will feel homesick from time to time. Many house masters and mistresses ensure that they update parents regularly and ensure that students call home whenever they can. Getting the students to call home on good days as well as when the student feels homesick is important to reassure them that their child is not always upset or down, but is succeeding and thriving in school life.

Educating Students on the Benefits of Healthy Eating 

It’s important for students to understand that their success can depend on how they feel physically and mentally. Educating students on the benefits of a well-balanced diet can be imperative to how they take on school life. Most schools provide a range of dinner, breakfast and lunch choices. It is important to inform students on the benefits of eating certain foods at certain times of the day, such as educating them on what type of  food is best to have for breakfast or lunch.

Bringing in Home Comforts

We believe a dormitory should be a home away from home. Dormitory furniture is just as important as classroom furniture when it comes to student welfare and how well a student succeeds. It is important that dorms create a tranquil place to relax as well as to study. Here at ETB

Furniture we provide dormitory furniture that is both modern and durable; choosing the right furniture can create a bright and comfortable space for students of all ages to enjoy. We work with a range of suppliers and are able to provide furniture in a host of colours and materials – ideal for adding a stamp of individuality to any school.

If you would like to discuss a project with us, we provide a free bespoke design service for many environments. Simply contact our expert team who would be more than happy to assist.

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