The Rise Of Navy Blue Furniture

16 April 2020

Navy Blue Dormitory Furniture

It may seem outrageous for dormitories to have such dark features, but navy blue furniture is becoming more in demand. Not only does it ooze elegance, but it also has positive and empowering connotations. This sophisticated colour conveys confidence, intelligence, power and authority – particularly as navy blue was the original colour of police uniforms.

Soothing Blue Ocean

On one of our recent projects we worked with Bootham School to produce dormitory furniture that challenged the norm and gave a sense of ‘Space’. Our in-house team designed our Signature furniture to have navy painted carcusses and oak hardwood features. This colour was used to give the environment a sense of space, which is usually tough when it comes to rooms with multiple occupants. The navy and neutral colour scheme brought with it representatives of the sky and ocean. Which gives the illusion of space and peace. But, there are other connotations which make navy furniture considerable for dormitories and communal spaces…

Navy Blue Has Multiple Meanings

Blues in general are associated with open spaces, freedom and imagination. This colour has a positive effect on the mind and body, some believe this to be because of its clear link with the human spirit. According to specialists, having blue furniture in a bedroom, any room in fact, produces chemicals that are calming and tranquil.

Though, this colour has different meanings around the world. In some cultures it is used to keep bad spirits at bay and promote piety. In Iran, dark blues, like navy, represent mourning. Whilst in the west, the ‘something blue’ bridal tradition represents love and hope.

It all depends on the shade of blue used. With the navy Bootham furniture, these colours were implemented to connote elegance, intelligence and peace. Lighter colours would most generally give the sense of honesty and trustworthiness.

Navy Blue And Neutral Colours

Too much blue in one dormitory or communal area can be too too much, as it can canote melancholy, sadness or timidity. If you are wanting to style navy blue furniture, it is best to pair these sophisticated carcusses with soft, neutral coloured furnishings. Yellow and Green soft furnishings

With the Bootham School Signature Range furniture, they opted to furnish with soft and neutral colours. Cream, Evergreen and Yellow were amongst their choices for the dormitories cushions, bedspreads and lamps. They used fluffy blankets in yellow and soft green to compliment the spacious blue tone. Yellow is one colour that compliments navy rather well, as it represents the sun.

Other colours that work well with navy blue are tans, creams, greys and blacks. However, the colour orange is much like yellow in the sense that it compliments navy. This bright and fluorescent colour is combined with the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, while it also has connotations of joy, sunshine and stimulation. So, orange soft furnishings may be a good option if you are looking to accessorise navy coloured furniture.

Here at ETB furniture we have embraced the sharp demand for painted furniture, and have adapted. We are now able to manufacture furniture to match any RAL number. So, if you have a project in mind, contact us today.

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